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Terminal X (short: TX) is a premier non-partisan independent alternative news stream based in Pakistan that focuses on reports that are mostly not picked up by corporate media cartels, crucial for the information of citizens around the world. Our team comes from a variety of social backgrounds who keep watch on the current affairs and strategic shifts in geostrategic, military and diplomatic relations around the world. Whereas we reproduce selected news from global forums, we also offer our analysis and commentary to these developments. In the age of detrimental perception management where facts are distorted and propaganda is widespread, we bring you diverse perspectives to events that affect our globe each day, with the aim of shaping your opinion and that of the power holders.

We support the freedom movements in occupied Kashmir and occupied Palestine. We denounce the state of Israel whose inception and creation we believe is illegal and based on a fascist ideology.

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You may repost any of the news and original content from our site as long as you make sure you link back to the original article with proper citation. Failure to explicitly cite our original content will fall under copyright infringement and intellectual theft. Unauthorized attempts to change the information taken or quoted from this website are strictly prohibited.

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It is our policy at TX not to publish any copyright material (especially without reference and citation). If such an event occurs without the knowledge of the website, such material will be immediately removed upon your written notice. If you feel that your copyrighted material appears on this web site without your permission, please mail us your request to

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The links on our website allow you to leave our site. Please be aware that once you leave our site and enter another one, our Privacy Policy is no longer in effect. Your browsing and interaction on web sites that have a link to TX or any links contained in a linked site, is subject to that web site’s own rules and policies. TX is not responsible for the privacy practices employed by these sites, nor the information or content contained therein. We provide these links to you only as a convenience and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by TX of the site. Please read over the rules and policies of these sites before proceeding.

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