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Welcome to Terminal X (TX), Pakistan's most authoritative portal on global defence, intelligence and geopolitics.

Founded and launched on 14 August 2010, TX began initial operations as a news aggregate and with time, started publishing exclusive in-house analyses, special reports and commentaries.

Today, it is an internationally-recognized open-source intelligence organization based in Pakistan. Our team of news monitors, analysts and columnists from Pakistan and abroad provide an alternative worldview on situations and events which have a substantive impact on geopolitical and military affairs in their respective countries.

When publishing news and analyses, we focus not on when but what to cover

With its global headquarters in Lahore (Pakistan), Terminal X offers its audience with original, timely and comprehensive news and analyses on issues of international significance.

Among the aims of the team at Terminal X is to archive selected news which are considered significant. We maintain a diverse audience which includes serving/retired military and intelligence officials, defence manufacturers, geopolitical and economic risk analysts, businessmen and media organizations.

TIME magazine, US Naval War College, NATO CCD-COE, Foreign Policy magazine, The New York Times, Russian International Affairs Council, Atlantic Council are only some of the renowned forums which have cited from, or linked to, content from TX.

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