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June 12, 2013

US Embassy in Islamabad found wiretapping offices of the President and Prime Minister

ISLAMABAD (INP): It has been revealed that the US Embassy here, besides wiretapping phone calls of Al Qaeda and Taliban officials, has also been doing audio surveillance of the President House and Prime Minister's Secretariat.

Sources on Tuesday said that "modern communications and surveillance equipment" have been installed at the embassy. After the attacks of September 11, the US Embassy had fortified itself by installing this hi-tech machinery by citing the 'War on Terrorism' as an excuse for justification.

The sources further added that IT experts within the embassy, with time, also started eavesdropping on important sessions held at both the President House and Prime Minister's Secretariat. Furthermore, it was also found that the US Embassy also snooped in to an in-camera session of the Parliament after the Abbottabad raid in which senior Pakistani military and intelligence officials had given briefings to the then political setup.

Disclaimer: This news was originally published by the Ummat newspaper, citing INP as the newswire source. It has been translated into English by Terminal X.

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