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May 12, 2013

GIDS: Giving the best solution to the Pakistani and Turkish Armed Forces


Global Industrial and Defence Solutions (GIDS), exhibiting at IDEF 2013 at Booth 294A, is making efforts to enhance its export share in Pakistani technological products. The company is primarily focusing on promoting self reliance by means of indigenous technology derived from state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and highly enriched expertise available in various manufacturing units to fulfill the needs of its diversified customer base.

Air Vice Marshal (Ret.) Zubair Iqbal Malik, Director General, CEO GIDS, explained to IDEF Show Daily that one of the main products available in the market is the SHAHPAR medium range tactical UAS with autonomous take-off and landing. In operational use with the Pakistani Army, the SHAHPAR UAS carries the indigenous ZUMR-I payload for reconnaissance and day & night surveillance.

Another product that the company is focusing on for the export market is the ACMI (Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation) system, designed to be range-less, which can be operated without any restriction in any area. The system records the "Time Space Position Information" (TSPI) of all the aircrafts involved in the training exercises along with their essential parameters onto removable data storage.

GIDS’ main objective is to research, develop and market defence capabilities. The companies under GIDS leadership provide support and service solutions for current and future defence by designing, developing and manufacturing a wide range of electronic systems and subsystems.

“GIDS have access into the Middle Eastern, North African, and the Near Eastern region, with great hopes,” said AVM Malik.

While speaking to IDEF Show Daily, AVM Malik mentioned that Turkey is a very important country for Pakistan, as, “the Turkish defence industry has reached a very high level,” said AVM Malik. He continued to explain that the Pakistani defence industry has reached a very high level as well.

“It is a good idea to have them collaberate, thereby giving the best solution to the Armed Forces of both countries,” AVM Malik stressed.

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