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August 17, 2012

Free Syrian Army militant Abdul Razzaq Tlass enjoys webcam sex for 'the resistance'

As received from a source:

The Free Syrian Army's most known heroic "mujahid", Abdul Razzaq Tlass, was caught in a phone sex scandal through Skype. A lady's voice is heard in the video's background while Tlass, a defected officer and an apparently devout Islamist, is shown touching his p***s. The lady's voice, most probably a government agent, says "how big ... how big", while he puts on an approving look. Original ~14 minute video removed by YouTube despite the fact that nude scenes were censored. Here's a sneak preview:

Tlass became famous during the Homs war; he became a symbol of the FSA's fight, leading the 'Al Farooq' brigade:

Read the detailed archived coverage of the West's Syrian Crisis here.

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