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February 11, 2012

Exclusive: Pakistan's Strategic Command successfully completes exercise Codename 'Ababeel'

Zaki Khalid | TX Desk

LAHORE: Intelligence sources close to Terminal X reveal that the Pakistan Army's Strategic Forces Command have successfully completed the last phase of Exercise Codename 'Ababeel'.

The term 'Ababeel' has been derived from a specific breed of large birds (resembling crows) also mentioned in Surah al-Fil (Chapter of The Elephant) of The Qur'an which dropped stones on the army of Abraha who was proceeding to violate the sanctity of The Holy Kaabah, Islam's most sacred site and the House of Allah.

Sources said that as previously reported, the Pakistan Army again charted new horizons during special weapons testing in Balochistan by employing the 'muti-target cruise offense' strategy. In this regard, an undisclosed number of fighter jets of the Pakistan Air Force were also employed to revamp aerial maneuverability using this effective strategy. The make of jets used were not disclosed. Modified variants of indigenous cruise missiles including the Babur were mock-tested from the jets.

The fundamental objectives of this exercise were:
  • Preparations for pinpoint attacks on specific US military bases in the close radius which include Afghanistan, Qatar and two undisclosed Gulf states as part of the 'direct take-out' doctrine (this does not include all bases, only the most threatening ones; the first of its kind exercise by the Pakistan Air Force for possible overseas assault).

  • Targeted attacks on aircraft carriers of the US, UK, France and other allied nations currently stationed in the Persian Gulf close to the troubled Strait of Hormuz in case the Red Zone along Balochistan and Sindh's coastlines are violated.
In addition, sources at TX revealed that demo attacks on Indian supply aircraft were also carried out since there are strong intelligence estimates of the country assisting the US and allies against Pakistan in case a regional war is triggered.

It had been emphasized that Exercise Codename 'Ababeel' was initiated a few weeks ago with new practices being staged after short intervals. Intelligence sources reiterated that the Pakistan Army's Strategic Forces Command has achieved A-Class feedback from the simulation of the drills, the first of its kind which involved both the land troops and aerial forces. Pakistan's quest to acquire a nuclear submarine is a step towards the direction for a fully-optimized geostrategy keeping in view simultaneous threats the country faces with hostile neighbors in the east (India), western border (CIA splinter groups such as the TTP) and the Persian Gulf (US and allied nations' frigates, carriers and destroyers).

On the exact date today (February 11, 2012), Terminal X Middle East Correspondent Ziyad al-Shamsi dispatched direct intelligence that elite SOCOM units are stationed in Qatar, the controversial Gulf state known for its close ties to the US-Israeli military industrial complexes. Previously on a similar note, Israeli intelligence forum DEBKA known for having sources in the MOSSAD revealed that 20,000 marines, seamen and air crews from half a dozen countries, a US nuclear aircraft carrier strike group and three US Marine gunship carriers took part in Exercise Codename 'Bold Alligator', the largest amphibian exercise seen in the West for a decade.

When asked whether Exercise Codename 'Ababeel' was a response to 'Bold Alligator', sources replied in the affirmative and also added that in Pakistan's case, the strategy at this particular juncture also involves possible overseas assaults which can turn the region into an inferno for any aggressive invading force.

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