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February 23, 2011

Exclusive: Does the CIA fear another Operation 'Rising Sun' by the ISI?

Sultan Hijazi | Terminal X Desk

With each new day passing by, many more revelations are coming to the forefront as to why Raymond Davis was caught with sensitive equipment and photographs. The first mainstream medium to establish Davis as CIA was the UK's Guardian. The American press was requested by officials at Langley not to make mention of this fact days before the Guardian's publication, as there were "fears for Davis' life". 

However, now that the British print media had revealed the story, there were adequate reasons and ground for their American counterparts to do so too. Whenceforth Reuters, the NY Times and the Washington Post also published this story, establishing once and for all around the globe that when it comes to national security, Pakistanis do not fire off "conspiracy theories", there really is something sinister going on.

Intelligence agencies of each country have their own motives for surveillance and espionage around the world in various locations, sometimes even in countries who are "friends" and "allies". In the case of the CIA, this is one intelligence agency which is even a more complex web than Israel's Mossad. Whereas the latter specializes in covert operations and assassinations, the CIA deals in global drug-trade, black ops and "fraudulent diplomacy", as can be evident from the Davis case.

On August 18, 2010, Barack Obama had signed an Executive Order (#13550) for the establishment of a "Pakistan and Afghanistan Support Office". It states:

Sec. 2. Purpose of the Temporary Organization. The purpose of the PASO
shall be to perform the specific project of supporting executive departments and agencies in strengthening the governments in Afghanistan and Pakistan, enhancing the capacity of those governments to resist extremists, and maintaining an effective U.S. diplomatic presence in both countries.

Sec. 3. Functions of the Temporary Organization. In carrying out the purpose set forth in section 2, the PASO shall:
(a) support executive departments and agencies in efforts to enhance civilian control and stable constitutional government in Pakistan

By "enhancing civilian control", the Executive Order refers to more funding for the Intelligence Bureau under Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik for upgrading of the apparatus it possesses in an attempt to sideline it and eventually supersede the Inter-Services Intelligence headed by a serving Lieutenant-General. "Maintaining an effective US diplomatic presence" is akin to strengthening the presence of undercover intelligence operatives of the CIA, Xe LLC and Special Taskforce 373 in the US Embassy Islamabad, which is a shadowy dystopian empire in itself.

Speaking to Terminal X on condition of anonymity, a senior intelligence official confirms that the main purpose of the US Embassy is to fortify the IB under the Ministry of Interior in Pakistan and make it the most powerful Pakistani intelligence agency, with the obvious notion that it will receive directives directly from the Pentagon.

"For about three years now, there have been constant attempts to bring the ISI under civilian control. Since that judgment received extensive backfiring from top brass of the Pakistan armed forces, the strategists at the Obama administration have been looking for alternative ways of making their civilian installment in Pakistan a rigid one", he continued. 

"And the primary objective for that is a fully-optimized civilian intelligence agency with handpicked officers who will not even take a minute to nod to the directives they receive"

While discussing the issue of Raymond Davis, several facts and certain public assumptions were confirmed. "He would not be in jail now were it not for the ISI", the official informed "Do you really expect the police to be so bold and lock him up? He was being pursued by the ISI before the unfortunate incidents happened, and he is under their constant surveillance as we speak. There were reports that Davis will be killed and disposed by his recruiters because of the vital and extremely sensitive cache of classified information he has with him. He is our asset now"

This adds weight to the claims that just yesterday, the Lahore High Court had delivered a request to the ISI for picking up the Davis case as the police officials were not providing required investigative assistance. Police officials have declined to comment on this.


In March 1974, chief Pakistani nuclear engineer Munir Ahmad Khan had summoned a meeting of leading atomic scientists to initiate work on the atomic bomb. Pakistan's Atomic Energy Commission had completed the final blueprints for nuclear weapons by 1977. 

News reached Langley from where several black-ops agents posing as "diplomats" were planted inside the US Embassy in Islamabad. In 1979, a group of these self-professed "diplomats" was found involved in suspicious activities. Some of them would leave for areas around Kahuta. One of the CIA operatives from the Embassy was picked up in isolation, where he confessed to their actual mission. The ISI's counterintelligence turned the operative into a double-agent, Codenamed 'Star'. His leads got the agencies right on target and the whole group of CIA operatives were arrested. This was a major bust. In the following days, all their details were made public and they were sent back to the US only after they had revealed sufficient information. One of the declassified leads was a coordinated attack at Kahuta by these stingers.

Public sentiment back then also was laced with anti-Americanism, which resulted in a massive civilian outburst of anger and the US Embassy Islamabad was attacked on the 21st of November, 1979

Subsequently, after this major bust, it was a few years later that on March 11 1983, Munir Ahmad Khan and the PAEC carried out the first cold test of Pakistan's atomic bomb [Reference: "Pakistan Became a Nuclear State in 1983- Dr. Samar Mubarakmand", The Nation (Islamabad) datedMay 2, 2003]


As our sources confirm, the ISI has been keeping a rigid watch on Davis at Kot Lakhpat jail. For starters, the food he receives by Consulate staffers each day is checked before it is served. There can be a possibility that after it was made public through his call records that he was in touch with militants in South Waziristan and his on-camera confession of being a CIA agent, he can be killed directly/indirectly. This can range from food-poisoning to a hit-and-run operation. The CIA wants to discard 'Raymond Davis' as he is the acting station chief for Pakistan and possesses a dearth of classified information which is vital for the ISI's counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism wings. 

The leads which have been obtained so far and that are yet to be abstracted can open up a giant Pandora's box for Pakistan's security infrastructure and find the tail of the Monster of Terrorism fomented by the CIA and MOSSAD which calls itself the "TTP" or Pakistani Taliban.

On June 23, 2009 Press TV had reported that Qari Zainuddin Mehsud, who was once an active militant alongside Hakimullah Mehsud and the TTP, was killed after he distanced himself in time from the terrorist organisation which he revealed was in close coordination with American and Israeli intelligence services.

The CIA can discard of its recruit once their whole institute's reputation is at stake. History is a witness to a case which took place before: 

On June 7, 1998 CNN aired the "Tailwind" report as a feature news segment on their show "Newsstand." Reported by CNN veteran Peter Arnett, the stories stated that the CIA connected Studies and Observations Group (SOG), then commanded by CIA veteran and Army General John Singlaub, had used the lethal gas during covert operations into Laos. In particular, the "Tailwind" story reported that American defectors were the intended targets of the attacks.
> As many as twenty U.S. defectors were targeted for elimination by
Special Forces troops assigned to SOG in the Tailwind mission into the 
Savan region of Laos in 1970
> Sarin gas was employed in the mission
> Defectors were a routine "high priority" for execution on all SOG missions
inside Laos 

As the Express Tribune reports, “The Lahore killings were a blessing in 
disguise for our security agencies who suspected that Davis was 
masterminding terrorist activities in Lahore and other parts of Punjab,” 
a senior official in the Punjab police claimed.
In the coming days, more startling revelations await public exposure step-by-
step as Davis is debriefed. The CIA vis-à-vis the US Consulate Lahore can try to
get him eliminated either silently or through subversive means (tipping-off
a police officer with handsome reward to do their job). This is unlikely, however,
considering that the ISI's field officers are keeping an eye on Davis and his cell
Partial acknowledgment by the White House to Davis' status as a CIA just 
recently is part of a process to "accept the blunder, now let's move on". 
Panetta and Gates both fear another Operation 'Rising Sun' looming overhead 
that can expose all covert American presence in Pakistan, and also the fact 
that the US Embassy is the centre of all foreign intelligence warfare 
taking place in Pakistan today

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